Sunday, February 12, 2012

My First Green Smoothie

I've always loved throwing fruit and ice into a blender for a quick breakfast smoothie, so when I started seeing these "green smoothies" online everywhere, I wanted to try one! We had some spinach so I decided to make one on Friday morning.

Green Smoothie ingredients

I followed this general recipe which only calls for fruit, spinach, water, and ice.  An important tip to keep in mind is that you need to add much more water than you think.  My blender is a couple years old and has blended many beverages in it's time, so my smoothie didn't blend as easily as I hoped, but adding more water helped. 

My "Green Smoothie" that wasn't green, but still delicious!

I only used berries in my smoothie, so it turned out purple, and not green.  It was still really good and I really loved it as a way to get more greens.  If you use bananas, mangoes, etc., the smoothie will be green.  I also know a lot of people add yogurt or some type of protein to their smoothies, but that isn't something I've tried yet.  The smoothies are super filling though, and now that we have some bananas, I think I will try another one tomorrow morning!

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