Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christmas 2011*

*Yes, this photo was actually taken today.

So just like every parent's child, I'm always saying I won't be like my mom (who I actually do share quite a few personality traits with). But today that was all thrown out the window, because we just took down our Christmas tree. Today. February 1st.

O Christmas Tree!

This has Theresa Benham written all over it.

This was our first year with a live tree. I was so excited and happy to get it, and I really did enjoy it for a long time. But I highly DO NOT recommend that you keep a live tree in your house for this long. I actually had to wear work gloves to even take the ornaments off. Oh. And it's a HUGE fire hazard. There's that.

Right now I'm just glad it's the hell out of our house. As Kyle dragged it outside, leaving sharp, dead, pine needles everywhere, he said, "Can we get a fake tree next year?"
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