Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The cone of shame

It's been a crazy couple weeks! Little Miss Leela went in to get fixed shortly after my last post. Her wound wasn't stitched properly and became infected, so she had to stay at the animal hospital for a few nights.

The cone of shame!

We missed her terribly, but she is doing much better now! She came home with us Saturday, 1.28.12 wearing this cone. In case you didn't know, cones of shame have come a long way. This one is not only cute, but also inflatable! Kitten doesn't like it, of course, but she is almost back to normal.

I definitely have to give mad props to the Lowell Animal Hospital! They fixed both Bender and Leela, and when we had problems with Leela, they took her in right away and even provided us with medicine. We will definitely be returning for her follow up care!
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