Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celtic Pride

Since the death of my first pair of Skullcandy headphones (which got me through Ice Brigade and many hours at the gym, thanks to Kyle), I've been using the shitty stock ibuds. (Do you like the name I just made up for them?) They're uncomfortable, and they don't fit anyone. 

I ordered a pair of Titans for Kyle for Valentine's Day, and while shopping I found another awesome pair and decided to order them for myself. I love basketball, but the Celtics aren't my favorite team...I just loved the design!

Celtics Skullcandy earbuds

I finally got to use them yesterday, and of course, they sound amazing. Kyle and I decided to do the crazy Hundred Workout, and I used my iPod during the running portion. Absolutely love them! They don't have inline volume control, but they're great ear buds for the price, and they come with the interchangeable ear gels, so they fit perfectly. You can find them on Best Buy's site.

Sadly, Ky still hasn't gotten to enjoy his ear buds. When they arrived, they did not have the nylon cord that the product description and photo showed. It was super disappointing, and we ended up returning them. So we ordered a Rasta pair on Amazon that should have the correct cable, so hopefully they will be here soon!

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