Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Munising Mustangs at Ford Field!

We are not those people who get up early the day after Thanksgiving to wait in line to buy more stuff nobody needs. This year, though, we did get up early on Friday to make our first trip to Ford Field!

Defend the Den - Go Lions!

We were there to watch the Munising Mustangs in the high school football playoffs. Kyle's parents grew up in Munising, and a lot of his family still lives there, so they headed downstate and we all met up at the Field to watch the game. For those of you who don't know, Munising is a small town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's on the north side of the Upper Peninsula, along Lake Superior. We spend every 4th of July there, and it's definitely another reason why we love Pure Michigan!

We had a fun time exploring the Field while waiting for the game to start. It really is a great facility, and I would definitely return for a Lions game! (If you've been playing along a home, you know I'm a huge Detroit Lions football fan.)

Kyle is about 6"3 - does that give you an idea of how big this tree is?!

Although Munising lost,  it was a really fun experience and a good game! And bonus, we got to see Kyle's cousin Lily perform with her marching band, playing Kyle's instrument from high school!

Lily's the one playing the mellophone. Do you know what a mellophone is? :)

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