Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's beginning to look (kinda, sorta) like Xmas!

We have not started decorating at our home yet, but since Kyle brought up our Christmas totes today, I’m sure we will start on that soon.

I’m one of those people who isn’t ready for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. Honestly, I can just wait until December. But now that it’s upon us, I am really starting to get into the spirit and I will basically be celebrating the holidays until the second week of January.

On Sunday, we helped our BFF Smash decorate forChristmas. I have to say, despite the Lion’s loss that day, we had a most fantastic time.

It's almost always cold in Michigan, but there's no snow yet!

Smash & I had to head out to Meijer for a couple things before we could start happy fun Christmas decorating time. Once we got back, we started with the tree.

After the tree was decorated (after much deliberation about ornament placement, of course), we worked on our glitter balls.


These are only half done, so they're still a secret, but I had to post about them because they have a funny name.

An adorable kitten helping with decorating.

When do you start celebrating the holiday season? What do you do with family & friends to celebrate?

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